England v New Zealand Series Defying Odds

The series between a team in its best form and a team in its worst form cannot get more interesting than the current series that’s going on between England and New Zealand. In this series England have been doing miracles which were thought to be impossible after their debacle at the World Cup earlier this year. England performed so poorly at the world cup that they were just hardly keeping up with the other top teams of the world. Their performance was quite shameful and it made the fans really angry and when fans get angry steps are needed to improve the situation. That’s exactly what the ECB has been trying for the last few months.

The current English team is playing by its own rules in all the matches. There has been an ideal format to cricket which happens in almost all of the matches. All matches start with a toss and the winning teams chooses whether to bat or bowl while keeping the conditions in mind. After that the teams try to restrict each other to limited scores without giving extra runs to the opposition and in the end the team that is able to keep the oppositions run rate low wins the match.

Well that’s what we expect in most of the matches but the conditions are different in the current matches that England is playing against England. In these matches the tosses means nothing no matter which team wins they balance of the match is not changed by the toss. After this when the game begins earlier teams tried to restrict the opposition to minimum score but now huge score are not a matter of concern the concern now is taking wickets. For this bowlers have to take chances which increases the oppositions run rate, but as the run rate increases the chances of taking wickets also increases and chances of winning get doubled.

This sums up the entire series that’s going on. The fans love the current English team because it does not fail to entertain even if it fails to win. Fans are crazy about the English team and are betting on it. The betting site that offers cricketing odds has said that number of bets on England are increasing with every passing day, the betting site also said that if England keep on playing like this while entertaining the crowd then in near future English team could be on the top of betting charts.

World without the maestro, Jim Flick dies at 82

America’s top golf instructor of both professionals and amateurs, Jim Flick died of pancreatic cancer and kidney problems in Carlsbad, on Monday. He was 82.

“Work was his passion,” said his wife, Geri. “On October 8 he taught the last lesson.”

Flick had advised more than 200 professionals and various corporate groups and many weekend warriors.

In addition to the expansive teaching program with the several published books about golf, Flick questioned some perfectionist inclinations of the devotees that include focus on scientific swing analysis and muscle building.

Regarding his view towards the golf clubs who should give emphasis on the body, he told in an interview “Most of the golf academies taught the kids to give emphasis on the body movements first and leave the right way to hold the club on assumption which doesn’t work properly. The priority should be given to the club first then the body movement will automatically follow.”

Flick watched quietly many of Jack Nicklaus’s sessions with Coach Jack Grout, who expired on 1989. When Nicklaus started struggling on the senior tour, his first tournament he sought Flick’s help.

“Once, walking down the fairway I asked ‘Well, Jim you have seen how Jack Grout taught me and also watched my last 9 holes. So what’s your opinion?’ Jim in reply told “well, I can’t see Jack Nicklaus.’ At that time I didn’t understand what he wanted to tell.”

“Then he took me to the tee and showed what he meant. He pointed out that I am not using my club and my legs, only focused on my hips. He worked on a number of things which resulted in my victory in that tournament. Thanks to Jim that I played well that week which I was not able to do till den.”

The two also did business together and ran Nicklaus-Flick schools from 1991-2003. Golf schools for ESPN and Golf Digest were also ran by him. Golf World listed him in the century’s top 10 teachers in 1999.

On November 17, 1929, James Myron Flick was born in Bedford.

Besides his wife, a daughter, Jan Guynn; stepdaughters, Kimberly Hubbard, Victoria Smith and Suzanne Youngquist; nine grandchildren; two great grandchildren are alive.

For 12 years, Tom Lehmann, who won the 1996 British Open was Flick’s student. “He taught that not only swing mechanics but also self-confidence is required for golf. ‘Remember what you are, remember what you can do, I have faith in you, so go have faith in yourself’ these are his immortal words,” Lehman told in an interview.

Juventus thrashed Nordsjælland 4-0 in the UEFA Champions League

Juventus emphatically put an end to their record run of nine successive draws in the most valued European leagues, the UEFA Champions League.

The Italian giants scored four goals to win 4-0 against Nordsjælland.

An ecstatic Juventus defender, Leandro Bonucci said after the match that, “We wanted to prove we are a strong team. We played very well. Now we have two strong opponents to face. We must do well in Donetsk and must beat Chelsea.”

The pressure was on the home team and they started the match on a good note by scoring the 1st goal with in 6th minutes in the clock. Claudio Marchiso timed a perfect run to meet Mauricio’s cross at the near post to thump in from close range.

Nordsjælland was stunned by the early goal and looked unsettled.

Juventus captured on the early lead and extended the lead on the 23rd minute. It was Arturo Vidalwho scored a bizarre goal. The goal was followed by a fine effort by Isla on Nordsjælland goal in the 25th minute but it missed the target by a whisker.

In the 37th minute Juventus went on to have a 3 goal lead courtesy a fantastic finish from Sebastian Giovinco. The assist for the goal was provided by the old war horse Andre Pirlo. The goal was the first shot on target by Giovinco, in the elite European leagues.

The first half ended with no more goals and both the teams went into the changing room with the score line 3-0 in favor of Juventus.

In order to put up a fight in the match, the Nordsjælland coach made couple of changes to bring in Christiansen and Christensen in place of Laudrup and Adu respectively.

The changes seem to have no affect on the game and Juventus continued to play passing game to maintain their lead on the game.

In the mean time Juventus extended the lead and took their goal tally to four in the match. This time it was Fabio Quagliarella who scored for the Juventus in the 75th minute.

The champions from Denmark pressed for at least a consolation goal, but could not find any. The match ended with Juventus beating Nordsjælland by a convincing margin of 4-0.

Dejected Nordsjælland skipper, Nickol Stokhom said after the match that, “We were blown away today. We started well, but we totally fell apart after the first goal.”

Juventus now stand within touching distance for the top two spot.